1. What does Health Insurance Choices do?

Health Insurance Choices assists Arizona residents in signing up for health insurance directly—everything from comparing providers to filing out enrollment paperwork. Health Insurance Choices can also help people determine whether they are eligible for subsidies or other health insurance benefits. The goal is to set the client up with the best plan for them at the most affordable cost by the enrollment deadline.

  1. How much does it cost to use these services?

Using an independent insurance agent to file for health insurance is absolutely free to the client.

  1. What are my options?

Depending on your situation, you may have lots of plans to choose from with lots of different policies. This is why contacting Health Insurance Choices can make it easier on you—as an independent insurance agent with nearly 20 years in the business, I can help explain your choices so that you can make the best informed decision. It doesn’t cost you anything to benefit from my knowledge.

  1. Who uses Health Insurance Choices?

Generally, people who do not automatically receive health insurance benefits from an external source (like an employer) and who are responsible for their own care. This includes small business owners, corporations, self-employed individuals, heads of families, seniors and anyone who does not automatically receive health insurance benefits.

  1. Do I have to be an Arizona resident?

Because agents serve individual states, you must be an Arizona resident to use Health Insurance Choices. Anyone who lives in Arizona may benefit from contacting Brad Lastovica today.

  1. How will we communicate?

We can talk over the phone, via email or we may even be able to meet in person to discuss health insurance options.

  1. Why should I call Health Insurance Choices?

There is a lot of information to understand when it comes to health insurance plans. It can save you time, stress and money to enlist the help of a professional. I am knowledgeable and friendly, and am happy to sit down with you to help you pick the best insurance plan. If you are considering changing plans, I can also help you understand your options. I recognize that life situations change, and I can help you readjust your insurance plan according to your current needs.

The Affordable Care Act now requires every American, with some exceptions, to be covered, so it’s more important than ever not to neglect signing up for health insurance. I can make sure you don’t miss the next open enrollment deadline.

Finally, you could do this all on your own. But why not save yourself the hassle and the headache? Let a knowledgeable professional help you figure it out. My services are 100% free for you with no strings attached, so there’s no risk in calling now.

  1. How do I get started?

Call Brad Lastovica at (480) 706-1702 to find an affordable, reasonable health insurance plan to best meet your needs with no strings attached. Call today so you don’t miss the next open enrollment deadline!