Dental Insurance

Fewer people have dental insurance than medical insurance. However, with dental costs higher than ever before, it is an important investment that many people may want to consider. If you are insured, you may avoid paying thousands in dental costs, should you need extensive dental work. Additionally, the ACA requires that children under 19 have dental coverage as part of a comprehensive health care plan.

Because of this, you don’t want to neglect choosing a dental plan for yourself and your family. Sure, you could look through the options and choose one yourself, but why do that when you could have someone on your side?

Call Me for Help!

I’m Brad Lastovica, an independent insurance agent who can help you sift through the options and choose the plan that will work best for your family. Like medical insurance, there are certain enrollment periods. I’ll help make sure you stay within those.

Why Work With Me?

  • I know how to find the best deals
  • I can make certain you do not miss enrollment
  • I’m honest and dependable
  • Insurance is my business—I understand the ACA
  • It costs you nothing

Working with an independent agent is absolutely free. Call or contact me to learn more about the dental insurance options available today. I look forward to helping you create a policy that will take care of you and your family today and for years to come.